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  • Accredited and non-accredited calibration


    of piston pipettes, dispensers, burettes, steppers and other piston-operated volumetric instruments

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  • From basic maintenance to complicated repairs


    We have standard spare parts in stock so the service and following caibration takes less time.

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  • Permanent marking of your devices


    Never more will you have to deal with peeled off, missing or unreadable labels.

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  • We sell laboratory equipment


    We will do market research for you and offer you the best possible price.

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Accredited 🌡TEMPERATURE🌡 calibration

Something new in the process.
Accredited 🌡TEMPERATURE🌡 calibration
🔷We're currently in the final stage of preparation for the launch of a new service for you
🔷Extended the range of calibrated quantities by another unit
🔷Soon it will be available for you
🔷Stay tuned for more detailed information
🔷We are looking forward to future cooperation!:)

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We are your partner for accredited calibration of pipettes, burettes, dispensers, laser marking, service and sale.

We have more than 12 years of experience in this field, not only in the Czech Republic but also from abroad.

Our calibration laboratory PROCALIBRATION is accredited in accordance with ČSN EN ISO/IEC 17025:2018. We are happy to offer you high-quality accredited calibrations that will exceed your expectations. We regularly take part in interlaboratory comparisons so we can verify our technical competence and ensure the most accurate results.

We calibrate all types, brands and models of piston volumetric measuring instruments. The scope of our accreditation is 0,1 µl – 200 ml.

In our laboratory, we use first-rate equipment including Mettler-Toledo standard balances and a multichannel pipette calibration system.

Our repair shop is well equipped with spare parts, consumable materials, professional tools and preparations.

We can also provide permanent laser marking of your pipette.

We will be happy to help you chose the right dosing device and offer you a good price.